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Laser marking machine engraving how to adjust the extent of the deep?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-22
In recent years, laser marking machine engraving technology has been more and more used in the field of printing. Laser marking machine can be used for various materials, including plastic and rubber, metal, silicon, etc. With the traditional mechanical engraving, methods such as chemical etching, screen printing, printing ink, compared to laser marking has low cost, flexibility and can be controlled by computer, the laser on the surface generated by the traces of strong and durable is its outstanding characteristics. At present, laser marking has been occupied the printing industry for more than 90% market share. So, how to adjust the laser marking machine engraving depth? Laser marking machine engraving depth adjustment skills: 1. Direct adjustment method: increase the power of the laser marking machine. 2. Change token speed: other parameters remain unchanged, marking speed will be slow to adjust, mark depth will deepen a point. 3. Change field lens: the lens into a small range of field lens, after transformation, the depth of the tag will be darker. 4. Field lens replacement: change the field lens also can make the laser engraving depth deeper. 5. The laser mode is better, mark depth has a certain degree of increase. 6. Laser: alternative to greater success rate instead of the laser, directly increase the laser etching depth of the encoder. Replacement: replace the better laser marking attachments, such as semiconductor laser marking machine, adopts imported Q switch, mark it depth will be better. Due to the laser marking machine engraving technology and the combination of computer technology, the user, as long as they are on the computer programming for laser print output, can always change the printing design, to replace the traditional mold production process, fundamentally to shorten the product upgrade cycle and flexible production provides a convenient tool.
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