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Laser marking machine engraving how to adjust the extent of the deep?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-23
Laser marking machine engraving skill in recent years, more and more used in the field of printing, laser marking machine can be used in plastic and rubber, metal, silicon and other materials. Laser marking engraving and traditional mechanical, chemical etching, silk screen, printing ink, printing method, compared with low cost and high sensitive xing, can accounting system control, and laser acting on the workpiece surface generated by the firm boast skillful is its outstanding feature of tag. At present, in the tag printing industry, laser marking has occupied more than ninety percent of the market. So, laser marking machine engraving the extent of the deep how should recuperate? Laser marking machine engraving the deep level of seven and skills: 1, direct control methods: will the power increase of laser marking machine. 2, modify the marking speed: other parameters constant, dispatch marking speed slow, marking the deep degree deepens a - Points. 3, and changing the field lens: the lens into a small range of field lens, after changed, its underlying deep degree will be darker. 4, field lens replacement: the field lens replacement will laser engraving depth can also become deeper. 5, the better the laser mode, the marking of the deep level also to have certain to improve. 6, replace laser: in greater success rate, laser, laser laser laser marking machine directly to the lettering deep degree increase. 7, replacement parts: replace the better laser marking parts, such as semiconductor laser marking machine, using imported Q switch, the marking of the deep level will be better. Due to the laser marking machine engraving machine and accounting skills, the combination of the user as long as the accounting machine programming laser print output can be realized, and can change at any time to print design, rather than the traditional mold production process, fundamentally to shorten the product upgrading period and flexible production and supply the convenience.
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