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Laser marking machine equipment has radiation harm to human body?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-24
Laser marking machine have radiation damage to human body? Laser marking machine laser is a special kind of light source. To a certain extent, this kind of laser radiation, this radiation have how old harm? Depending on the laser radiation, CDEH and IEC laser and laser products can be divided into four stages, the classification is based on the limit of the treatment of radiation AEL, namely AEL, allowed at the different stages of the laser and laser products large amounts of radiation. AEL is associated with wavelength and irradiation time. Level 1: under the condition of the laser marking machine normal operation, no harmful radiation. Level 2: the scope of its radiation in the region of the visible spectrum, the AEL value equal to the first class product radiation exposure to 0. 25 seconds. This level of product need to sign warning to conduct a comprehensive test. Level 3: is divided into 3 a and 3 b. For those who have normal avoidance reaction on light, aaa won't cause harm to the naked eye, but in the case of using camera equipment observed, it can cause damage to the eyes. 3 b products including 200 NM to 1000000 NM range of radiation, if you look at you, can cause injury. Its management and control more strictly than secondary. Level 4: AEL in the third grade or above, under the look will not only cause harm to people's eyes, in other cases can cause the external damage. Will not only cause harm to the eyes, but also can damage the skin and even cause fire. Should strictly manage and control this kind of product. According to the CDRH standard, to use 1550 nm laser and single mode fiber optical fiber communication system, the output power of 1 level products shall be 8. Below 5 mw, greater than 500 mw is 4. According to the IEC standard, for the use of 1550 nm laser and single mode optical fiber optical fiber communication system, the output power of 1 level products shall be under 10 mw, is less than 50 mw level 3, more than 500 mw is 4. Different from other ordinary light, laser produced by laser because of its monochromatic, coherence, laymen and high energy density, can achieve the result of more concentrated, thus to the human body organs, Especially in the eye) Damage. For infrared laser, the damage to the human body is mainly thermal effect, and blue and purple laser damage mainly photochemical effect. Therefore, accidentally when human eyes from laser or directly facing the laser optical fiber connectors, may cause damage to the eyes. If it is uv laser marking machine, may cause inflammation of the cornea and cataract. For currently using 1550 nm laser, laser marking machine of the light source is located in the far infrared wave band, the main damage to the cornea and the eye lens. So don't for a long time to see the light. Try to avoid this kind of thing from happening.
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