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Laser marking machine helps sanitary companies to create precise signs

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-13
Laser marking machine helps sanitary ware companies to create precise signs , Ceramic laser marking has high efficiency and good effect. It provides good ceramic laser marking machine equipment for ceramic sanitary ware, ceramic handicrafts, ceramic tableware and other products.

1. Color marking on sanitary ceramics Process

  Because the laser will be diffusely reflected (close to total reflection) on the ceramic, the ceramic has poor absorption of the laser. How can the ceramic absorb the laser to form a colorful mark? The idea we adopted is to apply a layer of ceramic coating on the ceramic. The laser color marking on the ceramic is the result of the interaction between the high-energy laser beam and the ceramic glaze. When the temperature reaches about 800 ℃, the color laser ceramic toner will be released. Color and penetrate into the ceramic glaze or glaze to realize the process of color marking. At present, there are two generally used: laser paint and laser paper. The laser paint is colored in powder form. The process flow is: first add water to the powder and stir it evenly, and then evenly apply it on the ceramic surface. When the coating is dry, use Laser marking. Compared with laser coating, the operation of laser decal is simpler and more convenient. The process flow is: soak the laser decal in water, and then stick the laser decal on the ceramic surface after falling off. After about 5 minutes, laser marking will be performed immediately.

2. The characteristics of laser color marking on ceramics

  1. Computer-made graphics can be used to produce various texts and graphics. The fonts are rich, standardized, and graphics are generated quickly. Arbitrary processing.

  2. There are many types of ceramics in the sanitary ware industry, with different shapes. The laser equipment can be conducted by optical fiber, which can be made portable and can work dexterously.

  3. Permanent marking, beautiful, precise, non-polluting, low cost, and can greatly improve product quality! Can effectively improve product quality

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