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Laser marking machine in the PVC plastic industry than the ink jet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-05

PVC material is a non-crystalline vinyl polymer material, this material has good resistance to oxidants, reducing agents and strong acids. So many places now use products made of this material, such as electrical enclosures, sewer pipes, industrial accessories, etc. For this kind of product that is so widely used, the engraving and marking on its appearance will often be a mess.

   Generally speaking, nowadays, when marking on PVC materials, the use of near-infrared laser and probably far-infrared laser (For example, CO2 laser), the most common far-infrared laser marking machine is carbon dioxide laser marking machine. The wavelength of this laser is 10.6u. This kind of marking performance can print yellow and red writing on the PVC material. Because of the carbon dioxide laser The effect of this can be very large, like the current general 30W power marking machine and 50W power marking machine, so this type of marking machine can mark at a very high rate, which is very suitable for assembly lines. Processing, replacing not so environmentally friendly ink printing.

Laser marking effect chart

   But the yellow-red color of carbon dioxide laser marking performance on PVC material Many times are not so popular, and near-infrared lasers are like fiber laser marking machines and semiconductor laser marking machines. The wavelength of both of them is around 1060nm, but this wavelength can mark black. The black color is similar to the black color of the ink jet printer. It is the color that customers can absorb most. This type of marking is increasingly used on PVC materials.

Ink jet coding effect picture

  The wavelength of the fiber laser marking machine is 1060nm, which can be clearly engraved on the PVC material The fiber laser is considered to be the best laser to replace semiconductor lasers. Its application prospects on PVC materials are also the most awaited. Fiber laser marking machine can reach 80K because of its frequency, and the spot is very small. , The galvanometer equipped with a small spot can reach a very high speed, which can reach or exceed the result of the CO2 laser in the speed of the marking pipeline.

   Fiber laser marking machine has very good beam quality, and is small in size, suitable for harsh conditions, and is widely used in the marking of PVC materials.

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