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Laser marking machine is different the price difference?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-30
Now the use of laser marking machine has been spread to all walks of life, and in the process of choose and buy, all kinds of brand, quality is uneven, thing, in the face of such troubled manufacturers do? Marking machine is the price difference? Laser marking machine of expensive and cheap price, if you are in the wood on nonmetallic material items, we recommend that is more affordable in price of co2 laser marking machine. Because this is suitable for most of the non-metallic materials, can not only use single, but also can be installed on the assembly line for joint use. This kind of marking machine control software support for autocad, photoshop software such as the background, and system functional and easy to master. If you want to beat mark is integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, etc. , we recommend that optical fiber laser marking machine, the type of marking machine has advanced laser technology in the world now, and have good quality, small volume, high speed, long working hours, flexible installation, etc. If your product is a high-end, highly sophisticated, so, the ultraviolet laser marking machine is more suitable. The two types of marking machine conversion rate is very high, and the positioning precision is high, with low power consumption, good protective performance advantages, but prices are relatively high. About marking machine price difference between recommend buying laser marking machine, not only consider the price, also consider marking machine brand, quality and after-sales service. Guangzhou laser printing machine manufacturers recommend that users in the choice before marking machine can be simple to understand the basic knowledge of choose and buy, and then with your laser marking machine supplier choose the most suitable by laser marking machine laser engraving.
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