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Laser marking machine is not out of the red light? How to solve

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-19
In the process of using laser marking machine, sometimes there will be some problems, such as red light of laser marking machine does not appear, weak and can't see a red light, or it may have a red light. But only saw the red light flashing, that something is out of the laser field, why? Now I've come to talk to us about the reason and solution to the problem. If red laser marking machine can't show that there are many reasons, one reason is that the light path in the mobile, and laser marking machine equipment is not bad, can adjust the optical path, another reason is that is the power supply module is broken, maybe the power is out of order, or laser focus position is wrong, the cause of this problem a lot, hope we still make a phone call to the supplier, require suppliers after sales. Service, of course, we can also make a phone call to the laser laser the personnel of the service, we will give you the most detailed answer. If the red light suddenly disappeared, probably because the red laser marking machine is broken, the red line module is broken, can also be loose, put the wrong red base, etc. There are many reasons. If there is a problem we cannot solve, do not take the initiative to go solution, the best way is to contact the after-sales, let them to solve the problem, if you solve the problem, is likely to become more and more trouble.
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