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Laser marking machine is not the light is what reason and treatment method

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-22
With the progress and development of modern science and technology to further promote the popularity of the laser technology, laser marking machine is now in many factories, but it is not difficult to many small problems, such as laser marking machine can't the cause of the light, the laser marking machine can't light, we can't blind processing, first to solve is to find the cause, and then find the solution. Fault phenomenon: all are abnormal light, on the high side, string into the current meter, current meter is abnormal, or have a long time have current, sometimes have no control. The cause of the problem: the main reason is that the laser type selection, main board, wiring board, power supply or control line connection and cooling system failure. Method: 1. On the parameter Settings, laser type correctly is a major cause of continuous light failure. 2. Down nine red line, the line is loose, the connection is not reliable. 3. Remove power on line ( Nine conductor) , press the laser power supply of some key, if there is a fault analysis of power supply or motherboard. 4. Some normal, indicating that no fault in the power supply. 5. Some is not normal, show that there is something wrong with the power supply. 6. When the power supply is normal, connection line, measured with a multimeter patch panel switch control pin. When the normal voltage up to more than 4 v, 3 v, the output of the motherboard exception; Luminous, foot voltage should be less than 2 v, 2. More than 5 v output is not normal. Above is several kinds of common problems and solutions, individuals do not recommend to solve on their own. After all, we are not professional technical maintenance personnel. Failure should immediately contact the sale of factory to solve these problems
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