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Laser marking machine maintenance strategy has to be complete, please keep it

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-04
Laser marking machine is a set of optical, mechanical and electrical professional laser marking equipment, now pay more and more attention to the copyright in today, it has become a indispensable, whether for production or for DIY personalized ways, are popular in all walks of life. With the expansion of the market demand, laser marking machine in all walks of life is becoming more and more widely used, because its price is not cheap, relatively its maintenance has been everyone's attention. Laser marking machine in use after a period of time, if you don't pay attention to daily maintenance, its function is vulnerable to a certain loss, will directly affect the marking effect, marking speed and laser equipment life, therefore, we should regularly to maintain. A, 1 day maintenance, cleaning dust, dirt and foreign material inside the equipment, such as vacuum, alcohol and clean cloth to remove dust, dirt and foreign substance; 2, check whether the focal length is within the scope of the standard focal length, the test laser strongest state; 3, check if a mirror lenses smudgy, use paper to wipe brush mirror; 4, check the laser parameters on the screen is normal, laser parameters in the set range; 5, the machine is normal open, master switch machine, laser control switch, switch is normally open laser marking system; 6, the switch is normal effective, press the switch after check whether electricity; The laser is working correctly. 2, 1 week maintenance, keep the machine clean to clean up the machine of the surface and internal; 2, check whether can normal open, red preview laser parameters in the set range, open the software on the open red light red light correction; 3, to the laser field lens cleaning, use special with alcohol to wipe the mirror paper first one direction cleansing, again with dry clean napkin to wipe off the mirror; 4, check the laser light is normal, open software manual test for laser marking. 3, 1 month maintenance, check if there's any loose for elevator guide rail phenomenon, have the same ring, oil leakage, with a clean cloth after cleaning and lubricating oil; 2, clean the laser outlet dust, to insure the normal heat dissipation. Internal dust cleaning equipment, waste node foreign body, such as vacuum, alcohol and clean cloth to remove dust, dirt and foreign substance; 3, check the laser emitting laser change weak phenomenon, use the power meter test; 4, check the power plug and cable connector have loose phenomenon, for each joint parts; If there is a poor contact; 5, check whether red preview light path deviation, red light correction. Four, six months maintenance 1, check the laser cooling fans, whether normal rotation, clean up the laser power and dust control panel; 2, check the movement axis is loose, sound, smooth operation, with a clean cloth after cleaning lubricating oil. Use five, the note 1, please wear safety glasses when working, to avoid glare and harm of glasses; 2, pay special attention to, when using, it is forbidden to hand is placed within the scope of the laser scanning; 3, when the machine is improper operation, lead to an emergency occurs, immediately press the power; 4, to prevent electric shock, do not wet hands operation; 5, laser marking machine in the process of running, not his head, his hand into the machine, so as not to cause personal injury; 6, without equipment technicians allow may not arbitrarily change the specific system parameters. Tip: laser marking machine maintenance process must be professionals, non-professional personnel prohibited teardown maintenance operation, to avoid unnecessary damage or injuries.
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