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Laser marking machine marking parameter setting introduction

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-22

The parameter setting of the laser marking machine is very important to the marking efficiency, so we need to have a basic understanding of the parameter setting before using the laser marking machine. The following editor will introduce the content of each parameter setting to you. .

(1) Frequency: laser frequency, 20~80KHz.

(2) Power: laser output energy, adjusting it can directly change the depth of lines.

(3) Drawing step: the distance the laser moves each step, generally the default value is 1. Each stamp can be regarded as composed of many points. The drawing step is the distance between each point. The drawing step will directly affect the resolution of the seal. If the speed is too fast, it may affect the lines. uniformity.

(4) Step delay: the time the laser stays for each step. The longer the laser stays on each point, the higher the definition of the printed stamp, and the shorter the step delay time, the lower the printing definition.

(5) Laser turn-on waiting delay: the time that the laser stays at the starting point after turning on. This function option is specially designed for the phenomenon of 'match head' and 'short tail' when starting a pen. If the laser stays at the starting point for too long after the laser is turned on, it will cause the first stroke of the stamp to be very large and dark, like a 'match head'; The pen appears to have insufficient energy, like a 'short tail'.

(6) Laser off waiting delay: the time for the laser off before marking ends. When the printing of the laser marking machine is over, the laser cannot be turned off immediately, as if the brakes of the car have inertia. If the laser is turned off immediately, the last printed stamp will have a 'short tail' phenomenon; but also if it stays too long before the end of the marking, a 'match head' will appear.

(7) Jump step length: the distance that the laser moves every step between the stamp after printing one character and jumping to another character. The speed should not be too fast, it should be adjusted according to the printing effect.

(8) Jump step delay: When the marking machine jumps to another character after printing the first character, the laser stops at each step length. Time, too fast speed may cause the laser pen to shake.

(9) Additional delay for jumping: when the marking machine jumps to another character after printing the first character, the laser machine needs to be adjusted before printing starts time. If the jump additional delay time is too short, it may cause the phenomenon of 'jitter' or 'drag pen' when the second character starts.

(10) Corner delay: the time that the laser stays at each step of the laser marking machine at the corner of the turn. When the time is set too long, it is possible that the point where the pen starts at the corner of the seal is particularly large and deep, which is somewhat similar to the phenomenon of 'match head' in which the laser is turned on and waits for a delay. Appears around the corner.

(11) Delay before printing: the pause time of the galvanometer motor before printing.

(12) Light guide line: Fiber laser must use light guide line, by adjusting the length of the light guide line and the waiting delay of the light guide line on to compensate the problem of the delay of the laser starting to emit light. That is to say, when the galvanometer motor starts to scan and the laser is not fully working, the energy needs to be compensated by adjusting the parameters of the guide light. If the length of the guide line is set too large, extra lines will be printed, and if the setting is too small, the first stroke of the stamp will be shorter.

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