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Laser marking machine on the logo - in the wallet Co2 laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-21
The wallet is often used in People's Daily life of a kind of leather. High-end fashion wallet can inspire my aesthetic feeling and personality, envy by others, so a lot of the purse manufacturer like on a purse or a sign superscript good-looking design, enterprise looks neat, delicate, concise and square, this not only helps to improve enterprise's image, also can let to buy the purse of consumers to your business. Place an order immediately. Wallet, however, traditional processing technology with traditional cutting machine, embossing machine, embroidery machine, etc. , processing speed, high Labour costs, low efficiency, the layout is difficult, style is single, the effect is not good, waste material defects such as more and more obvious, can not meet the processing needs of the market. Many manufacturers are using laser marking machine in my wallet. Co2 laser marking machine for long time using laser beam to the leather material surface, its effect is through the evaporation of surface materials to reveal the deep material, thus carves exquisite patterns, logos and text. Laser marking machine can quickly carving and emptied it on all kinds of leather fabric images, sensitive operation, will not cause any deformation on the surface of the leather, to reflect the color and texture of leather itself. In addition, co2 laser marking machine can realize leather products, plastic products, paper products, wood products, bamboo products, acrylic products such as trademarks, text, qr code, design, production date, serial number, symbol, name, serial number, anti-counterfeiting code, serial number, etc.
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