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Laser marking machine to make pictures tutorial how to deal with it to make it beautiful

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-05

The processing skills of woodcut photos are also applicable to metal photos:

First install Photoshop software (referred to as PS) and Meitu Xiuxiu software; prepare Save the picture you want to engrave on the computer desktop; open Meitu Xiuxiu and choose to beautify the picture.

2. Open Beautify Click to open a picture and select the picture you want to engrave to open.

3. Click Art and then click Sketch, the picture will become black and white, then click OK.

4. Because the color is lighter after changing to black and white, you can click the crayon, and then click OK. If you feel the color is dark, you can click the crayon once. If you want to increase it again Color, you can click the crayon again. After the color is increased, the color of the background also becomes heavier. You can click the brightness and contrast on the right to adjust it. The picture here is completed with Meitu Xiuxiu. Click Save in the upper right corner, and then save it and save it in BMP format.

The following is the operation of processing the saved and processed pictures with PS:

Open the PS software, then click the file, open, Select the image you just processed and click Open to confirm. Then click Image Image Size. Enter the size to be engraved and try to keep the ratio of width and height unchanged. If the pixels change a lot, you can remove the checkmark below to relocate the image pixels and set the size directly.

There is no need to click the zoom tool if the image is displayed at the right size. If the image display is relatively small, you can click the zoom tool below to zoom in a little; then click the image mode grayscale and then click throw away.

Click the image mode bitmap again, the larger the output and input, the denser it is. Generally, it is recommended to select a halftone screen between 300 and 800 and click OK. The higher the frequency, the denser the shape. Select the circle and click OK. Import the finished picture into the laser marking software and then wait patiently for the laser marking machine to turn your creativity into a beautiful finished product.

Of course, there are also requirements for the quality of the photo laser equipment, because the photo laser marking machine is not a printer. To put it in layman's terms, the photo laser marking machine marks the pattern according to the resolution of the pattern. The color of the picture is darker when the color is darker, and the color is lighter when the color of the picture is light. The fiber laser marking machine cannot make adjustments according to the color of the pattern to print the corresponding color. The color marked on the object is different based on the color of the object itself. We can print many colors of some materials, such as stainless steel, and even colorful. But no matter which color is marked, the parameters need to be adjusted properly in advance. After the adjustment, the parameters will remain unchanged during the marking process, so if our pictures are rich in color, but the contrast between the colors is not high, a large amount will be lost after being marked with a fiber laser marking machine. The details, many places with low contrast may come out as one color, and they are glued together. Z works well with very high-contrast images. The image restoration degree is relatively high. The pattern recognized on the laser marking machine software is done with COREDRAW (this can remove a lot of unnecessary details). Then even if the picture is fine, it is not easy to make such an obvious depth contrast. The marking pattern of the fiber laser marking machine has simple lines, and a map with a relatively uniform depth will be better.

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