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Laser marking machines are more and more widely used in modern industrial areas

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-24

Laser marking machines are more and more widely used in modern industrial areas. In daily life, we can see many electronic products, LEDs, food, medicine, packaging, machinery, etc., where laser marking machines can be seen everywhere. trace.

Types of galvanometer laser marking machines

The common laser marking machines are mainly divided into four types, namely: UV laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine Labeling machine, CO2 laser marking machine and semiconductor laser marking machine are all galvanometer laser marking machines.

The galvanometer scanning laser head is mainly composed of XY scanning mirror, field mirror, galvanometer and computer-controlled marking software, etc. Corresponding optical components are selected according to the different laser wavelengths. Related options also include laser beam expanders, lasers, and more.

The working principle of the galvanometer laser marking machine

The working principle is that the laser beam is incident on two mirrors (scanning mirrors) and controlled by a computer. The reflection angle of the mirror, the two mirrors can be scanned along the X and Y axes respectively, so as to achieve the deflection of the laser beam, so that the laser focusing point with a certain power density moves according to the required requirements on the marking material, so as to achieve Permanent marks are left on the surface of the material, and the focused spot can be circular or rectangular.

In the galvanometer scanning system, vector graphics and text can be used. This method adopts the processing method of graphics software in the computer, and has the characteristics of high drawing efficiency, good graphics accuracy and no distortion. , which greatly improves the quality and speed of laser marking.

The galvanometer laser marking machine can anti-counterfeit engraving on metal

The galvanometer laser marking machine can anti-counterfeit engraving on metal

Galvo scanning Because of its wide application range, it can be used for vector marking and dot matrix marking, the marking range is adjustable, and the response speed is fast, the marking speed is high (hundreds of characters can be marked per second), and the marking quality High performance, good optical path sealing performance, strong environmental adaptability and other advantages have become mainstream products, and are considered to represent the future development direction of laser marking, with broad application prospects.

Laser marking machines are widely used in integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, industrial bearings, watches, electronic and communication products, aerospace devices, various auto parts, home appliances, hardware tools, molds, wires and cables, Graphical and textual marking in food packaging, jewelry, tobacco, and military, as well as high-volume production line operations.

After using the laser marking machine for a period of time, if you do not pay attention to daily maintenance, its function is easily subject to certain losses, which will directly affect the marking effect, marking speed and the life of the laser equipment. Therefore, , We need to maintain it regularly. If you don't know how to maintain the laser marking machine, the editor has prepared the maintenance of the laser marking machine and how to adjust the focus correctly in advance. You can click to view.

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