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Laser marking machines are used in various industrial and manual applications

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-05

Laser marking technology provides permanent marks on metal, glass and ceramic parts for various industrial and manual applications.

The laser marking process is actually all metals, plastics and various other materials that have high contrast and do not add any undesirable substances.

In most cases, the typical physical effects of laser marking machines will cause color changes in the material, so there will be no surface modification due to ripples or burrs.

Use different marking methods and laser sources to obtain good marking results on each type of material.

Features of laser marking machine:

*It can provide non-contact, wear resistance, long-lasting laser marking on almost any type of material Mark.

*The laser marking process is a clean and safe process that is chemical-proof, waterproof, oil-proof, grease-proof and fuel-proof.

*No pre-processing or post-processing is required, and laser marking can be performed on the finished product.

*Laser marking is an internationally recognized quality marking standard.

*Laser marking shortens the cycle time by reducing labor costs, tool costs, consumables costs, installation time, and scrap rate, thereby greatly helping to reduce operating costs

*It can be automated , And can be integrated with any online process.

After reading the above content, you will understand the characteristics of the laser marking machine.

If you have other questions, we will ask professional engineers to advise you.

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