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Laser marking problem: laser marking machine to print on different material

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-18

in now society, mobile phones have become one of the most common in daily life, mobile phones also convenient, quick and easy view but still have a lot of consumers will be in a special anniversary will print photos, recording the in another way. Besides photos printed directly, in which there is another way to print on woodcut, metal and other types of features formed in a permanent marker, then someone will ask: 'can directly use laser marking machine to engraving pictures? '

in this way in accordance with the jaguar can clearly tell you is that you can! Why is that? With laser marking technology of laser marking equipment is used in the Numbers, letters, words, designs, logos, bar code and qr code identification information on marking carved, in the same way, for the photo print can do the same. Different material, requirements of marking effect need to choose a different laser marking machine, so you can print out the photos you want. Due to the laser laser laser marking machine is a kind of don't need material using laser marking equipment, so on the object by marking out the color is based on the object itself and differ somewhat, is not what you want what color will be able to print out what the color of the businesses need to bear in mind about it.

since said laser marking machine to print the photos in the mobile phone, so how to print? Actually not difficult also, and generally Numbers, logo printing in the same way, you will need to print the photos into drawing tools in the form of a sketch to adjust relevant parameters, as the picture after adjust to is necessary to connect the laser marking machine, and adjust the proper marking parameters, in a mark in the process, parameter is a constant. What need reminds is in choosing target image to print out pictures of reductive degree is high, you need to choose the high contrast images. If you choose this picture marking, it is better to use mapping tool to adjust the picture of whole contrast, lest cause the loss of a large number of details and overlap, eventually led to the photo reduction degree is low.

consumers tend to choose the special frame, following, gifts and other goods on custom images that have a special meaning, the existence of such photos can permanent and stay for a long time, can be in the living room or in the room play the role of adornment effect. Laser marking technology will gradually replace the traditional manual sculpture technology, better and more rapid completion of the photos of carving task, on the premise of save time cost and can meet user requirements, bring profit for businesses.

in v. , using wei in accordance with the laser marking machine can realize really photos of the printing and laser marking machine as marking industry in advanced technology, for the enterprise in several aspects, production brought unprecedented advantage processors. Laser marking device on the software pattern recognition ability is very good, so can in mobile power supply, mobile phone shell, aluminum oxide black, the tablet, rings, watches, sanitary ware, electronic components, food packaging industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical industry, automobile industry, toys and other industries in the application.
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