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Laser marking technology brought better for glasses industry development direction

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-11

glasses is a kind of can help people improve eyesight, protect the effects of glasses, the existence of the glasses to help a lot of myopia, presbyopia, strabismus, astigmatism, farsightedness of people to see the world better. There are many different kinds of glasses, including the 3 d glasses, sunglasses, swimming goggles, goggles, etc. , in the past people wear glasses to improve your vision, but now many people wear glasses is not just in order to improve your vision, more is to have the effect of adornment effect. Glasses before there are a lot of deficiencies on technology processing, use time for a long time will affect the overall aesthetic effect, but with the development of laser technology, the problem has gradually improved.

choose a pair of suitable glasses can rise the decoration face, improving the effect of their own temperament and grade. Previous glasses are widespread single material and single style, design is single, is a kind of people often say that 'nerd' image, but now the diversification of glasses is enough to make a lot of people from a 'nerd' evolved into 'fashion's got talent'. This is why a lot of people when choosing accessories can choose glasses instead of one of the reasons. Different brands of glasses, sunglasses, etc. Will have different identification information, laser marking machine is to be able to make the identification information more fine, clear, long and is one of a kind of laser marking equipment, it does not exist ink printing long use time as a tends to fall off.

when glasses industry processing manufacturers use laser marking machine in glasses, sunglasses and other related products marked with different identity, from the indirect can transfer its brand, model, specification, function, design and other information, both can convenient consumers choose to buy, and can facilitate the salesman, companies can more convenient for commodity system management, etc. As each item has its corresponding production Numbers, the administrator can according to the number of these goods to the sales of goods, to do a simple understanding is also a reason.

laser marking machine, in addition to the various types of glasses on the product marking to the relevant identity information, at the same time can also be in some glasses boxes, eye drops, contact lenses box, nursing liquid related products such as mount to use, can carry on the brand logo on the outer packing, company name, production date, product number, product type information such as the tag. For eye drops, contact lenses such direct products have direct contact with eyes, in the process of laser in its outer packing mark will not to have any contact, so it is safe and zero pollution.

it is different from the so-called laser marking machine is the need to spurt the cij printer consumables can rely on ink marking, it mainly by means of high-energy laser beam with the marking object formed a kind of chemical, physical reaction gasification process, and he identified the depth of only a fraction of the mm, so there is no direct damage material, only to its most surface sculpt. In this can let the consumer and the manufacturer's guarantee, laser marking of a certain environmental zero pollution a marking equipment, can meet the corresponding product testing standards, also won't have any risk factors.

all in all, the development of laser marking technology in aeriform in driving the development of the glasses industry, or the development of laser technology to promote the development of glasses industry and also because of this to make a number of consumer groups in the selection of glasses products have rich and colorful.
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