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Laser marking technology to realize goods yard a content source and traceability

by:LEAD TECH      2020-10-11

almost every year, drug safety, food safety problems or other product safety issues, let the consumer when buying goods appear a lot of concerns, also reduced the consumers purchase desire, in the unconscious of fake and shoddy products on the market is really too much too much, especially with the development of the Internet. In the face of this situation is how to reduce consumer concerns allows consumers to rest assured to buy? Using qr code traceability system can, in short is the use of laser marking technology will qr code information on the goods.

the so-called qr code traceability system is in fact the function of the use of the Internet, let each qr code information is an independent identity, consumers through the use of mobile phones will be able to scan qr code information to check the related information about the goods, do source can be can prevent, risk, responsibility shall be investigated for, the purpose of the product can be recalled. Mainly traces the source of commodity products, which is closely linked with the people in daily life such as edible agricultural products, food, fruits and vegetables, medicines, rare products, daily necessities, cosmetics, maintain article, dangerous goods should implement a yard one thing, to do each item are independent, only in this way can increase the consumers to purchase desire and to reduce the sales of counterfeit goods.

one thing is how to carry out the importance of traces the source of a yard, in the Internet age, traces the source of commodity information inevitably needs the help of big data, thanks to the Internet, the traditional form of trace source has been more and more impractical. All kinds of goods in the qr code quality traceability system of production, storage, sales link, circulation, service, product name, origin, unit identification code, production batch, logistics information into system. When consumers or want to know the goods quality inspection department to scan products information you can check the qr code on the information, so as to achieve the effective prevent product is generic, commodities in circulation but also regulation, when the product problems can also be recalled in a timely manner. Can check the source, go back and responsibility to investigate, this is the importance of the Internet age requires a yard one content.

now on the market does have a lot of goods is qr code information exists, but it is screen printing or label stick-on, this case is easy to use, so that the qr code information can easily be altered, not only is easy to replace, is bad for the legitimate businesses and consumers are, severe cases consumers even legitimate businesses will doubt. The existence of the laser marking technology is to solve this problem and appear, laser marking machine is printed is a permanent, immutable, in other words if you want to change the qr code information you need will destroy the whole products, otherwise it is difficult to change them. And laser marking machine information of qr code printed to have certain security string goods resistant effect.

in short, in the Internet age a yard one content has become a trend, using qr code traceability system to find sources of goods but also become one of the main items of the relevant law enforcement supervision methods, and also make clear in the rules no goods to the specific requirements of the traceability system and task, and laser marking machine's mission is to help qr code information on the products to exquisite and permanent retention on the goods, only in this way can better make use of a yard a trace source.
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