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Laser mask laser marking machine, contribute to the prevention of the new crown pneumonia epidemic!

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-05

As the world gathers strength to fight the new coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic and the market masks and other anti-epidemic materials are in short supply, there have been cases of selling fake masks for huge profits in many places. Many large and small businesses have been arrested for selling counterfeit masks, and the people are frightened and afraid of buying counterfeit masks, so how can we add an insurance to masks so that they cannot be easily counterfeited? The UV laser marking machine produced by laser is willing to contribute its own strength.

At the moment when the new coronavirus is raging, the epidemic situation is very severe, and masks are 'hard to find' across the country. Countless heroic 'retroversaries' set out for Wuhan, and many people are silently escorting us. The mask laser marking machine has always had a good reputation in the anti-counterfeiting function. Its unrepeatable and difficult to eliminate marking method is favored by many industry manufacturers, such as daily necessities, nameplate business cards, customized gifts, product QR codes, etc. The laser marking machine is used for processing. Therefore, under the two major difficulties of easy counterfeiting and tight production of masks, the addition of the mask laser marking machine undoubtedly adds a boost to the production of masks. First of all, its superior anti-counterfeiting performance is worthy of recognition. Secondly, with the continuous development of productivity, automated production has become the goal pursued by manufacturers. The implementation of automated machine production and processing can prolong working hours, increase output, and reduce the adverse effects of manpower on products. The ink jet printer is not only easy to be altered, faded, but also not environmentally friendly.

The mask laser marking machine of Laser Technology Co., Ltd. can automatically mark the Leadtech Coding parameters without manual supervision at all times. Production is very fast and easy. And the marked logo is clear without ghosting, not easy to be tampered with, and has no bad conditions such as burrs, which reduces the occurrence of defective products. The brand-new, environmentally friendly, and good anti-counterfeiting laser marking process is being widely used in mask label marking. I hope that the mask laser marking machine can bring substantial help to everyone, and I wish the epidemic will end soon! Founded in 2010, Laser is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design and production of automatic intelligent equipment and marking equipment such as laser marking machines, laser cij printers, laser welding and engraving machines. Welcome new and old customers to visit and purchase machines.

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