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Laser printer available to drive the power adapter industry rapid development

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-09-24

the development between the things and things are there is a certain relationship, and some things didn't seem to be any link on the surface, but in fact, there are also some inseparable connection between them, a lot of the development of the industry is to promote the development of related products, like the relation between the badminton racket and badminton, but both are produced by different manufacturers. In recent years, with the development of mobile computer and other electronic equipment to drive around a lot of the development and application of the corresponding accessories, the most prominent is the development of the power adapter.

what is the power adapter? Is actually a small portable electronic equipment and electronic power supply transformation of a device that is generally controlled by the shell, transformer, inductor, capacitor, IC, PCB, such as a combination of the original, in some security cameras, set-top boxes, routers, massage chairs and other widely used in equipment, also can be used on some mobile phones, laptops. And share in front of the mentioned products such as mobile phones, laptops, PCB can be through the adoption of laser marking machine to mark, and the power adapter is no exception.

we all know that any one enterprise manufacturers in their mark on the production of power adapter products such as power, voltage, current important index data, the data of the tag is not to have any damage, or it will affect the effect of using, some products in the use of power, output current and voltage are clearly defined, so for the power adapter on the tag should be attention. Spurt the cij printer will not be used to tag, but should choose to use the laser laser laser marking machine!

why? Due to spurt the cij printer many are need to use material used, the choice of ink directly influences the effect of the tag, such as coloring, mark didn't clear, vulnerable to outside influence, color fastness, etc. , these problems will produce certain effect to identify. Therefore, under the same circumstances the use of laser marking machine is one of the more favorable, laser marking machine adopts laser technology is a kind of code, it does not need to use material, don't have to worry about the problem such as shading, fade in color, with color. It is a kind of high environmental protection, no pollution, a kind of processing technology of non-contact, high resolution, high accuracy and good permanent, good wear resistance and good marking effect advantage, such as electronic equipment industry development needs.

it is not to say that the traditional screen printing, printing ink, printing machine is not good, but under the same conditions for a product to the marking requirements are fulfilled, so only need to use laser marking machine, for some carton appearance of identity information, choose to cij printer is good around, can only say that different products for different types of equipment. In conclusion laser marking machine is able to drive the development of the power adapter, also can meet the high standards of the industry to play with.
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