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Laser printer in flight marking and static play with what's the difference?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-18
Online flying laser marking is relative to the static laser marking of a form of marking, as the name implies, is the production line next to the product under the conditions of sports to a form of laser fu are commodity code, put the goods on the conveyor belt, make its after laser machine and automatic induction marking. And static marking is fix on the marking goods before the goods marking was achieved by laser machine. Flying laser marking is a kind of high speed, industrial automation, integration, no additional jobs, reduce staff costs, increase efficiency, improve the work progress of marking a laser marking device; Static laser marking machine is a semi-automatic processing mode, work to maintain the normal operation of the need to increase the job, but the marking effect and the stability of equipment is the same, flying laser marking machine configuration of the hardware equipment than static laser marking machine hardware is much higher. Laser laser laser marking machine in flight marking and static marking in general is above this.
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