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Laser printer problem-how much does the laser printer cost?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-01

When you buy cij printers, will you find that laser cij printers are more expensive? What is the reason? Generally, when buying a product, the first consideration is the price issue, and then the product will be considered The quality, after-sales service, etc. So how much is the fiber laser inkjet printer currently on the market? Today's editor will talk to you about the price of the fiber laser cij printer.

First of all What is a fiber laser printing machine? The so-called laser printer uses software to deflect the laser beam, and uses the high temperature of the laser to directly burn the surface of the product to be marked to form fonts or patterns. At present, the general market price ranges from 10,000 to 60,000. If you need to know, you can contact to get a free quote

How much is a fiber laser printer? Its price is related to technology The application of laser printers is closely related. Before we want to understand the price of fiber laser printers, we need to have a deep understanding of the technology and development of laser printers. The laser printer industry is widely used, and the application of marking technology is gradually entering people’s lives. Especially in the industry, the application range is getting wider and wider. Especially in some industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, electronics, building materials, tobacco, daily chemicals, anti-counterfeiting applications, wires and cables, auto parts, etc., with the increasing complexity of applications, marking has become an indispensable product in various industries. The missing important part.

So what are the benefits of using a laser printer?

1, can identify products well;

2, can track and record products;

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3. Prevent counterfeit and shoddy products;

4. Product value-added value-added;

5. Improve production efficiency;

What are the common problems of the printer?

1. The laser intensity of the laser printer is decreased, and the mark is not clear enough;

2, the laser printing machine Krypton lamp cannot be triggered;

For these two problems, the commonly used solutions are:

1. The laser intensity of the laser printer is decreased and the marking is not clear enough. Solution:

①Whether the laser resonant cavity changes; fine-tune the resonant cavity lens. Make the output spot the best;

②The acousto-optic crystal shifts or the output energy of the acousto-optic power supply is low; adjust the position of the acousto-optic crystal or increase the working current of the acousto-optic power supply;

③Enter The laser of the galvanometer is off-center: adjust the laser;

④If the current is adjusted to about 20A, the sensitivity is not strong enough: the krypton lamp is aging, replace it with a new one.

2. The krypton lamp of the laser printer cannot be triggered. Solution:

①Check all power cables; < /p>

②The high-pressure krypton lamp is aging, replace the krypton lamp.

Precautions for the use of laser inkjet printers?

Laser cij printers are easy to use, but it uses lasers for work. If the operation is improper, the laser Exposure to the body will cause certain damage to the body, so pay attention to the safe use of the laser coding machine.

1. The operator is not allowed to open the cover or remove any parts while the printer is launching or about to launch laser.

2. Do not expose the head or any part of the body to the laser working area during operation.

3. It is strictly forbidden to look directly at the laser with your eyes when it is turned on to avoid injury.

4. It is strictly forbidden to approach the laser printer with flammable and explosive materials such as alcohol, gasoline and thinner.

5. Regularly maintain the heat dissipation system of the laser coding machine and remove the residue on the fan page. Regularly use high-quality lens paper or cotton balls dipped in absolute alcohol to clean and maintain the optical lenses (beam expanders and lenses).

Laser marking price demand

1. Through the price evaluation of the logo of the brand name, trademark and other patterns of the product, a balance point can be found in terms of cost performance and performance. The product has a high degree of recognition, which makes the product stand out among similar products and improves the product's popularity.

2. How much is a fiber laser printer? It is also closely related to the effective prevention of counterfeit and inferior products. Although product identification cannot prevent the appearance of counterfeit products 100%, it can deter counterfeit products to a certain extent. , And enable its own new technology to restrain the leading counterfeiters

Third, improve the production efficiency of products, compared with the early product identification technology, laser printers can better serve manufacturers, Reduce the production cost of the enterprise. From the perspective of long-term development, the price of fiber laser cij printer of about 100,000 yuan can bring more benefits to our customers than this. In the later period, there is no consumption of consumables and it can save a very objective expenditure. In addition, in terms of repair and maintenance, the laser machine is more stable and reliable, and it will be more value-for-money.

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