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Laser processing is a new processing method

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-19

   Nowadays, laser technology is developing rapidly, and laser technology is applied in many fields, especially in the field of finishing. Nowadays, there are many laser manufacturers in the laser market. For example, laser manufacturers are more famous. So how many processing methods are there for laser processing? Foshan Laser introduces.

  Laser embroidery

  More than 2/3 of textiles and clothing fabrics can be used to produce a variety of laser digital modes. The production process of traditional textile fabrics in the late period requires the processing of grinding, pyrography, embossing and laser sintering. In this respect, convenient, fast and flexible pattern transformation, clear images, strong three-dimensional impression, and various full-performance fabric colors have been achieved. Textures and calendars are always new advantages. If the combination of hollow craftsmanship is the finishing touch, complement each other.

  Laser embroidery for apparel fabrics and ready-made garments is suitable for: finishing textile fabric finishing processing plants, fabric deep processing plants, garment factories, surface materials and post-processing enterprises.

  Denim image laser flower

  Dyes are vaporized on the surface of the denim fabric through CNC laser irradiation, so that in the production of various denim fabrics, the image pattern, gradient, flower shape, cat will not fade Need frosting effect, adding new beautiful and fashionable denim, denim spray laser processing is a new, rich processing profit and market space processing project, very suitable for denim garment factories, washing plants, processing and other enterprises and personal denim products add-on Value processing.

  Leather fabric laser marks

  Laser technology is widely used in leather shoes and leather industry. The laser can quickly engrave and hollow out various patterns on various leather fabrics, and the advantage of operation is that it is flexible and will not cause any deformation of the leather surface, reflecting the color and texture of the leather itself. It has high-precision engraving, does not use flashlight to pierce, and chooses various advantages at will. It is a processing and manufacturing enterprise such as shoe uppers, shoes, leather goods, handbags, suitcases, and leather garments.

  Laser engraving is a laser engraving software for laser equipment, which automatically engraves artwork input. At present, laser engraving is the most mature and widely used technology in laser processing. With this technology, any complex graphics can be carved. Engraving and engraving with blind grooves that are not penetrating are enough. This engraves textures of different depths and has all the magic lines with gradation and color transition effects. With these advantages, laser engraving can meet the new trend of international clothing processing Use the cut after cutting and before embroidering the embroidered cloth. Before the traditional processing technology, computer embroidery cutting knife mold processing defects, it is easy to produce the specific graphics processing, the production cycle of the knife mold, the high cost of fabric tassels and the processing precision, which limit the development of embroidery cloth paste. After the cutting of the cutting material, most of the hot working methods and cutting edge notch methods are used, and the edges are yellow and hard, and are not easy to position. The figure of the opposite sex relies on manual cutting, it is easy to loose the edges and produce waste, so there is an urgent need for an advanced processing method to replace these two old processing methods.

You should be aware of the laser processing methods above   . With the advancement of science and technology, I believe that laser processing technology will become more and more sophisticated, so we must seize the opportunity to strive for a place in the laser market .

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