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Laser typing on cola cans

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-20

Use the laser marking machine to mark some beautiful words and pictures on the cans and send them to your favorite people, and you will be full of romantic happiness. Laser, the birthplace of laser in the peninsula, provides laser typing and processing services for cola cans. The most popular personalized customization on Kuaishou and Douyin is the lettering on the Coke can. I personally understand that Coke can make people happy. Coke is a kind of drink. If it is a special customized gift, it will be engraved with commemorative meaning. The text or pattern is very collectible, so what is the engraving machine for this coke can? This coke can engraving machine is a fiber laser marking machine, which transmits optical signals through optical fibers, marks the data specified by the control card through the control software in the computer, and then controls the direction of the graphics and the release of the laser through the XY axis of the galvanometer. And stop, the cola can laser engraving machine has fast engraving speed, clear outline of engraving, and one main advantage is that there is no consumables, one purchase for life, the operation is very simple, as long as you can type on the keyboard, you can easily To control, you can edit the text or pattern you want, the font and size can be adjusted arbitrarily according to your own needs, and you only need to mark it with one click after completion.

After drinking the drink, throw away the 'can'? Drink cans that are often discarded by us have now become collectibles. With the gradual enrichment of the materials and varieties of cans, and the increasing number of manufacturers, if you want your own brand to stand out, it must be distinctive and attractive. It is very popular in the market recently to mark some words on the Coke can to attract the attention of consumers and stimulate the desire to buy. Now wedding banquets, baby banquets, wedding photos, and birthday gifts are all popular and personalized.

Use the laser to engrave your favorite pattern on the can, or use the laser to engrave the words you want to say but don't dare to say on the can and give it to 'she' to show that Mind. Not only is it always fun to express, but it also adds to the fun. Moreover, the objects engraved by laser will not disappear with the passage of time and have high collection value. Automatic laser marking machine manufacturer's address: No. 107, Yanyang Road, Chengyang District (East Gate of Agricultural University). Laser tailors your own marking machine for you. Provide customers with laser solutions, non-standard or standard automation equipment, and can produce 3D renderings and automated wiring diagrams. At the same time provide external laser marking processing. If you have any needs, please call 18663960188 with the same WeChat number.

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