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Laser UV laser marking machine is suitable for FPC material marking

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-08

The development trend of highly automated and intelligent equipment has put forward traceability management requirements for FPC products, requiring quality traceability of the production process of FPC products, and after-sales traceability in the later stage.

This requires clear and readable QR codes and SN after-sales codes to be marked on FPC-related products. Cover film UV laser marking machine.

CVL cover film usually refers to PI film, and the marking process requirement is to mark clear and beautiful characters on the surface String or two-dimensional code, and does not penetrate the film layer; the requirement of FPC copper foil is to mark a clear two-dimensional code or string on the surface of the copper foil, which is clear, readable, and does not deform, fully automatic laser marking It can effectively meet the marking needs of two materials.

Mainly used in the engraving and marking of electronic components, ceramics, plastics and metal materials in PCB, FPC, SMT, photovoltaic, glass, thin film and other industries. It can automatically mark two-dimensional codes on the surface of PCB/FPCB (select corresponding models according to different formats), and automatically mark two-dimensional codes on various inks such as white oil, green oil, black oil, and copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. Code, one-dimensional code, characters, help customers to realize the traceability of PCB production, process and quality, and achieve automation and intelligent management requirements to meet the needs of lean production, quality control, and process improvement.

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