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Laser welding machine can be used in button battery industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-20

  Button battery is also called button battery, which refers to a battery whose shape and size are like a small button. Generally speaking, it has a larger diameter and a thinner thickness. Button batteries are divided into batteries from the appearance. The same corresponding battery classification includes cylindrical batteries, square batteries, and special-shaped batteries. So many manufacturers don’t know what to weld button batteries? The laser manufacturer tells you that laser welding machines can be used for welding. It has the following characteristics:

  1. The current is DC output, and the welding current is pulsating DC ( And the ripple is small); the inverter frequency is 4KHZ, the power-on time control cycle is 0.25ms, and the discharge time can be controlled arbitrarily;

  2, real-time monitoring of current, voltage, and power;

3. It has fault diagnosis and alarm functions such as current abnormality, monitoring value over limit, network voltage over limit, overheating, etc.; it can greatly reduce the defective welding rate of the product.

  4, three-stage heating setting, with the function of slow rise and fall of current, which can effectively solve the 'spatter' and ensure the stability of welding.

   5. The electrode life can be effectively extended. Energy saving is more than 50%.

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  The button battery laser welding machine produced by laser has largely helped customers solve the most important problems.

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