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LEAD TECH identification introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone spurt the code machine have?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-15
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone spurt the cij printer have? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2018 - 11 - Browse 5 0

each kind of printing equipment has certain advantages and disadvantages, just like we are. A person again good also has the insufficient place, the same one in poor again and he also has a sparkle. Phone jet. the look from the literal meaning is a handheld will be able to use the printing equipment, convenience is very good. For many customers will feel this kind of portable, small hand-held spurt the code machine is of great advantage in all aspects, but it does not really understand it. Then follow under the small make up to get to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of it?

about faults: one is spray printing closer. Phone cij printer is in use process need closer from the spray print objects to ensure that the spray effect, usually spray printing within a distance of 5 mm, but in many distance will not be used in the production line within a 5 mm, this means that if the surface is not smooth the commodities or not in the range of spray print, spray printing effect will be discounted. Secondly ink with attached ability is poor, the speed of the dry ink and the use of stability have been holding a spurt the code machine need to face a big problem, whether it is dry too fast or too slow will affect direct spray printing effects. Its cost is high, holding a spurt the code machine appears to be a don't need solvent to spurt the code machine equipment, at the same time, the capacity of ink is small, but its later period maintenance cost is higher, of course, the merchant's budget of the high cost of negligible.

about advantages: holding a cij printer on the price, the use is better than other types of printing equipment, handheld light cij printer is not only smart, at the same time on the operation is very simple, is quick to learn. The editor's information would be shown in a spurt the code machine. Can in a variety of packaging cartons, large, plastic, sheet metal, building materials, such as the material of jet printing on the goods, have a variety of color optional. Software using the English interface, meet the demand of the use of domestic and foreign merchants.

that is to bring you to share about the advantages and disadvantages of holding a spurt the code machine, hand-held jet. the despite the shortcomings exist, but it is still in line with the industrial development needs a kind of printing equipment, also still can help merchants have production date, serial number, origin and other related information of jet printing, still can solve large goods and not easy to move objects do rapid spray printing effect.
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