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LEAD TECH logo printing machine safety operation procedures to know how much?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-15
Spurt the cij printer safety operation procedures to know how much? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2018 - 10 - Browse 26 0

1, the first check before starting the equipment of the power cord, nozzle, pipe meets the safety requirements.

2, initialized to boot process, not for other operation during about 1 minute.

3, the maintenance man it is forbidden to open the cij printer positive control door and remove the spurt the code machine alarm lamp, lateral plate fixed parts such as screws.

4, spurt the code machine machine cavity do not put sundry ( Such as casing leather, cloth, shredding, screws, etc. )

5, equipment, the use of material by the monitor of production workshop, the spurt the code machine maintenance regularly check, add, may not cause alarm downtime because recipients or add in a timely manner.

6, in the operation of the equipment malfunction alarm, the machinist must promptly notify the maintenance man.

7, equipment operation in date deformity or date, the machinist first notify the team monitor check spray printing condition is correct, determine and correct after notify the mechanic for repair.

8, spray printing conditions set must be reasonable

9, spurt the code machine, the power cord is strictly prohibited and large power, strong interference device to mix together

10, because of the ink, solvent belongs to flammable items, so the machine cavity to keep clean. Maintain the site operation should pay attention to fire prevention management and ventilation, prohibited in more than 100 ° C for spray printing on objects.

11, should time ( Once a week) Extracting machine cavity agglutinate the liquid inside the bottle, avoid leak phenomenon

12, nozzle cleaning and maintenance should be worn when solvent resistance of latex gloves and protective glasses

13, spurt the code machine, dedicated socket plug electric tools and hair dryer

14, spurt the cij printer near ( Within 5 meters) Banning the use of welding work.

15, in the operating area shall be forbidden to use fire and spark equipment, fire extinguisher must be set near the cij printer, the machine must be good grounding

16, when using high pressure can reach 6000 and 220 v ac power, so involved in any electrical part or nozzle internal operation must be approved by the maintenance personnel to

17, daily maintenance: every 3000 ~ 5000 hours, need to change the size of the filter, every 1500 ~ 3000 hours, need to replace the ink pump filter and filter.
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