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Learn about the advantages of UV laser marking machine in many aspects

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-21

Ultraviolet laser marking machine is actually a product in the laser marking machine series. Because of the different columns it uses, it can reduce the mechanical deformation of the material during the working process, and the thermal influence of thermal processing. It is also relatively small, so it is generally used in industries such as food or pharmaceutical packaging. So do you know what advantages the UV laser marking machine has? And let me introduce it to you today.

1. Marking effect: UV laser marking machine can perform fine marking or special material marking because of its extremely small focusing spot and small heat-affected zone during processing, and has a very good marking effect. mark effect.

2. Suitable material: not only suitable for copper removal, but also suitable for a wide range of materials.

3. The device marking speed is faster, so that the work efficiency can be better improved.

4. The beam quality of the UV laser marking machine is good, the focusing spot is smaller, and it has the effect of ultra-fine marking. In the process of working, the heat-affected area is extremely small, no thermal effect will occur, and there will be no problems such as material scorching.

5. The equipment is not only small in size, energy-saving, but also has a very stable overall performance.

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