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LED spurt the code machine main service - for which industry Article LED lights - spurt the code machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-28
LED spurt the code machine is a kind of special printing tools, high resolution resolution LED spurt the code machine is mainly suitable for in some daily necessities, such as skin care products. Enterprise household products such as printing production date and the due date above, printers, LED to the particularity of cij printer is to use special inks, LED to spurt the code machine above the surface of the object directly sprayed printed on corresponding content, so the LED can spurt the code machine is mainly service for which industry? 1 of relevant industry, pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical industry regulation and industry internal rigid requirements, so that's LED cij printer must be used as a unique code identification equipment, LED spurt the code machine, the reason is that it can be a one-time spraying, and will not be doing any tampering with, it is very suitable for dose and abnormal strict rules of the pharmaceutical industry, LED spurt the code machine the traceability for drugs and drug management has a very big help, so the pharmaceutical industry is LED spurt the cij printer, loyal service object. 2, building materials, chemical industry LED spurt the code machine at first is accompanied by the development of building materials and chemical industry development, chemical production is a strictly controlled by relevant national institutions, but also for production and consumption needs to be very precise control of traceability, prevent leakage of chemicals related and steal phenomenon occurs, thus LED spurt the cij printer can spray on some special instruments and equipment shall not alter, cannot conceal the special identity, for some special cases or happens, for a fundamental chemical building materials of some materials traceability, directly to find the source of the corresponding problems of LED spurt the code machine is the guardian of the quality of building materials in chemical industry. LED to the particularity of spurt the cij printer, LED spurt the code machine can be a very good application in the pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry, building materials LED cij printer through special spray paint or show or hide on the for the product and the appearance of the need to track, LED spurt the code machine for monitoring and surveillance unit to grasp and relevant quality tracing accountability.
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