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Lens parameter configuration of fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-27

The working principle and parameters of the fiber laser marking machine lens, the working process of the fiber laser marking machine is that the laser is focused on the entire workpiece marking plane. Its performance mainly includes the following:

The focal length of the laser lens

The distance between the focal length of the laser lens and the object to be marked exists A certain relationship, but not equal to the distance between the two. The scanning area of u200bu200bthe laser spot on the marked object is proportional to the focal length of the field lens. When the scanning area increases, the working distance of the laser head also increases. When the working distance of the laser head increases, the loss of the laser parameters will also be caused. The spot diameter after the laser is focused is proportional to the focal length. That is, when the scanning area reaches a certain level, the unit power of the laser beam also decreases very quickly, which is not conducive to the processing on the workpiece. And as the focal length increases, the degree of marking distortion will also increase.

Scanning range of the laser

The larger the area scanned by the same laser lens, of course, the more popular it is for users. But when the area increases to a certain extent, it will bring many negative problems. If the laser spot becomes thicker, the degree of distortion is increased, and the deformation is serious, etc.

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