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Lighter personalization printer: in the mind have me, wherever you go -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-15
On the lighter customize their own text, photos, name, date of birthday, bless all can, not for the sake of grandstanding, just want you to always think of the gifts in cigarette lighters him/her. This will be a unique exclusive gift: send her boyfriend, on behalf of my whole life with you; Husband, on behalf of my other life; Father, for I hope you are well until permanent; Brothers, on behalf of deep silence. So how to customize the lighter? Want full color design, the same with pictures. I have a machine to customize difficult? It is not difficult to! Choose lighter UV printer, not only appearance beautiful, and the operation is simple. Can customize their own text on lighters, photo, name, date of birthday, advanced study, and so on. Lighter printer is not restricted by any material, directly print any pattern in the material surface. Print colourful, implementation level photo print effect. A seal, which is play and play, no plate-making, tinted. Strong Bai Cai once lighter printer to print, anaglyph effect can be satisfied! Speed, printing, design, exquisite and durable environmental protection, color fastness is very high! Want to master the lighter customization, machines, BaoJiao package will! Fast to get to know the UV laser printing machine, different size of the machine, there is always a meet your requirements.
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