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Long time to shut down the small character spurt the code machine. What should I do? Producers must understand the way

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-15
Long time to shut down the small character spurt the cij printer. What should I do? Producers must understand the source of methods: this site author: admin1 date: 2019 - 2 - 22 browsing: 0

any a factory production and processing are divided into the low season season, when a factory can't avoid off-season when some equipment shutdown occurs. In this sharing, he brought everyone a brief understanding of the small character jet. the facing shut down for a long time how to deal with, because of course for some long time equipment does not use cases handled by the holiday is the same. Only work with manufacturers to ensure that equipment can run normally, but also can get better let small characters spurt the code machine maintenance, and its use, and life will not be lowered.

believe that many users don't understand the spurt the cij printer not should how to deal with the better for a long time, actually this is very simple as long as before the shutdown of equipment cleaning and maintenance. Small characters spurt the code machine principle of work is in the circuit and software control, pressure pump pressure, absorb ink in the ink through the filter, venturi, pressure buffer, solenoid valve and other parts and then enter the nozzle throat, transmission chalk line by nozzle, after charging tank and high-pressure deflection plate, eventually into the recycling tank. For most spurt the code machine is almost, after understanding the working principle and ink road map, in the process of the ink flow, where it is most easy to jam and out of the question is the nozzle and recycling tank these two places.

some spurt the code machine equipment is the function of automatic cleaning, can be controlled automatically extracting solvent diluent for nozzle throat and the nozzle, recycling tank flushing, internal recycling tank and venturi, etc will be flushing, greatly reduces the downtime after dry ink clogging problem. Understand the working principle of the spurt the cij printer downtime and cleaning process, it is not difficult to find that according to normal process downtime, downtime, within 20 days without cleaning operation, reduce the use time of factory operators, ensure the production smoothly in a timely manner.

but also some small character device with automatic cleaning function, but also to prevent the defects of the automatic cleaning, and washing, suggest you manufacturer can choose manual cleaning, such as nozzle part ( Ps: the nozzle is link ink, so in the case of not to clean easily lead to the nozzle jam) 。 In the printing equipment in the system or operation panel, generally has the options, such as nozzle cleaning or flushing nozzles at this moment we need to prepare a clean pot, filled them with special detergent or solvent, and then press enter, to clean nozzle, pressure pump will be running, through a venturi or produce negative pressure vacuum pump, the nozzle will be back to the suction force, a cycle about 20 seconds, on the nozzle with cleaner crowded go up, see clearly back to suck the nozzle flow, one or two cycles.

second about the difference between import and domestic laser marking machine is not just about the hardware configuration, more is the perfect degree of the function of its software, an automatic cleaning, can distinguish the stand or fall of the machine, the cleaning is complete, decides the stability and reliability of the machine, and even affect the cij printer in the future life, but on the cleaning and maintenance processing can be generic.

the above is about the character of machine in the processing method of long-term not use cases should share, this method is also applicable to other types of printing equipment use, hope to each producers to have certain help, and extend the use of equipment, bring more benefits.

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