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Look from the laser technology market application industry development pattern

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-01
With the implementation of the 'made in China 2025' planning, laser technology, with its incomparable advantage, has become an important tool to promote transformation and upgrading of manufacturing. In the laser industry chain, our country has a large number of laser equipment integration, is also the one of the major markets of laser application. Industrial laser processing market relatively late in our country, with the continuous upgrading of domestic industries, laser processing applications from the beginning of clocks and watches, food packaging, marking, clothing and other light industrial transition in the automotive, consumer electronics, medical, aerospace, new energy, such as threshold higher industry, the application of laser space almost throughout the whole of the industrial sector, so the market is often affected by the entire economic environment. With the changing of market environment, the laser marking in laser processing occupy larger market share. Laser technology market widely used laser industry chain constitute graph upstream industry: the proportion of small space industry upstream mainly for laser materials and related components. Mainly including laser crystals, laser gas, laser, laser power, laser processing, coating, laser components, such as laser supporting software. Industry in the middle: research difficult high profit industry middle mainly for all kinds of laser and its corollary equipment. Mainly including solid laser, fiber laser, gas laser, liquid laser and other laser, laser diodes, CNC equipment, computer, equipment and packaging, mechanical and electrical products, instruments and meters, laser module, etc. Downstream of the industry: technology application pack and the largest industry downstream distance life recently, mainly for the laser application products, consumer products and equipment, etc. Mainly includes the laser processing, optical communications, optical storage, laser medical treatment, laser marking machine, laser typesetting and printing, laser measurement, laser display, laser weapons. Regional industrial clustering pattern of China's four big laser industry concentration belt figure at present, the laser industry in China present a strong regional integration, has already formed the central China, the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta, bohai sea four laser industry. Laser industry in China have a certain size, market share is growing, it is welcome, but, in terms of laser technology and application, many key technologies and core components are all dependent on foreign manufacturers, it is this reason restricts the further development of domestic manufacturer, each big laser equipment integrators should strive to improve their own research and development strength, gain a greater market share. As a part of the laser equipment integration, the laser laser printing machine manufacturers will also strive to improve technical strength, to become a global leading brand logo variable data, to drive the laser industry development in our country.
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