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Machine no antifreeze! Qiu dong season UV flat-panel printers daily how to maintain? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-14
Northland now you already wrapped in winter jacket, put on thick clothes. I am still the sun is shining in the south, a paperback, contrast is fairly obvious. We are all antifreeze, but some things will be not antifreeze. Such as northern air temperature is below zero are small, but the machine, after all, is not a man, it can't stand. So at this time how to maintain the UV flat-panel printers? Small make up to tell you. Under the condition of low temperature cold wave hit, ink viscosity will increase, and the ink fluency to drop, affect the ink, the other laser printing machine surrounding air is too dry, due to reasons such as static electricity, will cause the misting phenomenon, resulting in a decline in print image clarity and precision is not enough. So use the laser printing machine in the winter, to place your laser printing machine in the appropriate ( Room humidity above 28 advisable, temperature in the 20 - 30° Between the relative humidity in the 30 - 65%) Work environment and the ink should also be stored in a suitable environment, in order to get the normal print effect. Otherwise ink easily precipitation, ice, not only affect the ink printing effect, and the damage to the nozzle is also very big. Daily use machine according to the normal working process and the instruction, please protect and ink road, do not use the machine in low temperature environment, sprinkler belong to high precision components, please take good care of nozzle. Road far, always be with you. To learn more? To find!
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