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Maintenance and cleaning method of optical fiber laser marking machine lens

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-15

Most of my friends can operate the fiber laser marking machine proficiently after purchasing the fiber laser marking machine, but they don't know how to maintain our fiber laser marking machine equipment.

Today we will introduce to you the lens maintenance and cleaning methods of fiber laser marking machine.

How to clean the lens of fiber laser marking machine:

1. Never install the lens with your bare fingers.

Finger cots or rubber gloves should be worn.

2, do not use sharp instruments to avoid scratching the surface of the lens.

3. Do not touch the film when taking the lens, but hold the edge of the lens.

4. The lens should be placed in a dry and tidy place for testing and cleaning.

A good workbench should have several layers of cleaning paper towels or wipes, and several sheets of lens cleaning tissues.

5. The user should avoid talking above the lens, and keep food, beverages and other latent pollutants away from the work environment.

Accurate cleaning method In the process of cleaning the lens, the only purpose is to remove the contaminants of the lens, and not to cause further pollution and damage to the lens.

The unclean lens of the fiber laser marking machine will affect the laser marking effect, so we use the laser marking machine to ensure that the lens is clean, but there are the following contraindications in the cleaning and maintenance process:

Fiber laser marking machine lens maintenance taboo:

1. Touch the mirror by hand

2. Blow air on the mirror surface or use an air compressor

3, the mirror directly touches the surface of the hard object

4, wipe the lens with shaftless paper (stick) or wipe the lens hard

5, install and Press hard when removing the lens

The above are the maintenance and cleaning methods for the lens of the fiber laser marking machine.

If you need more maintenance information for fiber laser marking machine equipment, you can contact sales personnel for consultation.

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