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Maintenance of the mirror of imported laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-10

Experienced laser engraving machine operators know that after a long time of work, the mirror of the laser engraving machine will be polluted by the smoke and dust generated during processing, which will greatly reduce the reflectivity and affect the output of the laser. . At this time, we need to maintain the mirror of the laser engraving machine to ensure the output of the laser and the effect of the engraving machine, and can achieve the purpose of extending the life of the equipment.

The following are the maintenance methods and precautions for the mirror of the laser engraving machine:

The cleaning of the mirror should use a special lens cleaning solution , carefully wipe with absorbent cotton. Be careful to avoid scratching the mirror surface with sharp objects. The workpiece on the lower surface of the focusing mirror of the focusing lens can also be contaminated with volatiles. When it is contaminated, it will also greatly affect the output of the laser. Care must be taken to deal with smoke and blowing protection to avoid contamination of the focusing lens. If the contamination is carefully cleaned, the following methods can be taken:

1. Remove the inflation tube and pressure ring and protective case, carefully remove the focusing lens.

2. Use a hair dryer to blow off dust from the surface of the focusing mirror.

3. Use tweezers to carefully wipe the clamped cotton ball dipped in alcohol or special lens cleaner and gently wipe it in one direction from the inside to the outside. Until the dirt is removed, so replace the cotton ball.

Laser engraving machine

But we should pay attention that, in the process of wiping the mirror, do not rub it back and forth, To ensure that the mirror surface cannot be scratched by sharp objects, the surface of the lens is coated with an anti-reflection coating. Damage to the coating will greatly affect the laser energy output and engraving effect.

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