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Maintenance skills and three highlights of small character inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-05

The maintenance of the machine is very important, and each machine has a certain maintenance method. The same is true for our small character inkjet printer. If you want the machine to work smoothly and prolong the life of the machine, Then some precautions must be taken. Next, I will tell you in detail: the maintenance skills of small character inkjet printers, I hope it can help you.

First, pay attention to the indoor environment where the machine is placed

We need to do a certain analysis of the working environment of the indoor small character cij printer equipment, if the indoor environment is not very good , then the dust can easily enter the main ink cartridge and then the secondary ink cartridge, and then enter the printer nozzle, which will seriously affect the printing effect of the printer nozzle and shorten the service life of the printer nozzle.

Second, for the operation of the small character cij printer

When we are operating, the nozzle part of the surface of the inkjet printer head cannot be rubbed with any objects, and those fine hairs are It is easy to hang on the surface of the nozzle of the printer. This will cause the printer to plug and drop ink, which will affect the printing effect of the printer. Also, do not remove accessories at will. Like main cartridge, sub cartridge, filter, etc.

3. Maintenance of the small character inkjet printer

When using the small character inkjet printer, the quality of the ink directly affects the quality of the picture and will affect the print head. In addition, it is necessary to power off after use, and the nozzle must be cleaned, which can extend the service life of the nozzle to a certain extent.

Nowadays food is basically packaged, and now there are more and more packages, all kinds, each food has its own certain brand, we can use its packaging It can be seen clearly, and some of the better packages are more attractive. These packages are basically made by some tight machines for coding, and the most used one is small character Leadtech Coding. , and then I will share with you in detail: the three highlights of the application of small character Leadtech Coding in the food industry, I hope everyone can gain something.

Three highlights of the application of small character inkjet printers in the food industry

Highlight 1: strong stability

The packaging of the food industry is very good Therefore, the stability and reliability of the food production line is the most concerned issue of food manufacturers. This is also the technical difficulty of the competition of inkjet printers. If you want to have better results, you need a better inkjet printer to ensure its stability. Under the circumstance of sex, it is necessary to make corresponding technical solutions to deal with some more troublesome problems. This is the most critical aspect, especially in solving the easy blockage of the nozzle.

Highlight 2: Meet the specific requirements of saving

To achieve good coding effect, it not only requires a machine with better performance, but also for the operation of some machines. There needs to be a certain method, which requires everyone to do a good job in the control of the nozzle. Since the amount required by the manufacturer is very large, it is necessary to control the size of the inkjet nozzle to reduce its loss as much as possible.

Highlight 3: Meet the requirements of environmental protection

The ink used in the small character inkjet printer is a chemical substance, and people's requirements for food are also very large, so manufacturers must pay attention to Do a good job of some issues of food safety. After considering these issues, we need to consider whether it will cause too much pollution to some performance aspects of some machines.

The three highlights of the application of small character cij printers in the food industry are described in detail here. I hope that some manufacturers need to put environmental protection and safety into it when they carry out reasonable production. When using the machine, there must be certain savings and environmental protection, and certain standards are met.

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