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Maintenance skills of small character inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-24
The maintenance of the machine is very important, and each machine has a certain maintenance method. Our small character inkjet printer is the same. If you want the machine to work smoothly, you must extend the life of the machine. Do some corresponding precautions. Next, I will tell you in detail: Shanghai small character inkjet printer maintenance skills, I hope it can be helpful to everyone. 1. Pay attention to the indoor environment where the machine is placed. We need to do a certain analysis of the working environment of the indoor small character inkjet equipment. If the indoor environment is not very good, then dust can easily enter the main ink cartridge and then to the auxiliary ink cartridge. Then enter the inkjet printer nozzle, which will seriously affect the printing effect of the inkjet printer nozzle and shorten the service life of the inkjet printer nozzle.   2. Operation of the small character cij printer   When we are operating, the nozzle part on the nozzle surface of the inkjet printer cannot rub against any objects, and those fine hairs are easy to hang on the nozzle surface of the inkjet printer. This will cause the inkjet printer to block the head and drip ink, which will affect the inkjet coding effect of the inkjet printer. Also, do not remove the accessories at will. Like main cartridge, sub cartridge, filter, etc.  3. Maintenance of the small character inkjet printer   The quality of the ink when using the small character inkjet printer directly affects the quality of the picture, as well as the print head. There is also a need to cut off the power after use, and the nozzle must be cleaned, which can extend the life of the nozzle to a certain extent. The maintenance skills of small character cij printers are told to everyone here. I hope friends who have machines can do the corresponding maintenance, which can greatly improve the effect we want. This is also some related aspects that we need to do well. .
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