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Marking application of metal laser marking machine on cylindrical products

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-17

There are many metal materials and products that can be marked by metal laser marking machine, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, iron, copper material, zinc alloy, etc., which are often used in industrial production. When marking characters or graphics on products, metal laser marking machine is a good choice.

When choosing a laser marking machine, not only the material of the marked product, but also the shape of the marked product must be considered. For example, conventional metal laser marking machines can only mark flat surfaces. What if there are other shapes of products that need to be marked?

Mark barcodes on cylindrical stainless steel, and have done a similar customer case. This customer's product material is stainless steel 304, which is generally marked on cylindrical products It is not easy, because it is not a flat surface, but a very curved surface, and more importantly, it needs to mark barcodes on it, so the process is even more difficult. However, for the metal laser marking machine, it can perform flexible 360-degree marking on any irregular workpiece surface, and complex patterns such as two-dimensional codes and barcodes can be easily marked, and the process technology is relatively mature. , we also have a lot of experience in metal marking.

The flexibility and stability of metal laser marking machines have been recognized in many industries, with powerful functions and many processes. Can be done, such as stripping paint, hollowing out, and simply cutting, or carving depth into metal. And another major advantage of the laser marking machine is that its processing speed is very fast. Simple products can be marked in a few tenths of a second, which can not only keep up with the production rhythm, but also improve efficiency and achieve both quality and speed.

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