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Matters needing attention in the use of thermal transfer printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-05-03
Thermal transfer coding machine (TTO) is another type of inkjet marking equipment. In the process of daily use, thermal transfer coding machine needs to pay attention to a lot. Today Ouma will share with you the daily routine Precautions for use.   1. According to the on-site air environment, regularly clean and wipe the print head to keep it in good working condition and prolong its working life.  2. When using a special wiping cloth (stick) to clean the print head, remember to cut off the power to the thermal transfer printer.  3. Only use a special wiping cloth (stick) to clean the print head, and do not use any other media to clean the print head to avoid damage to the print head.  4. Regularly check the pressure adjustment threshold to prevent it from being too high or too low, which will affect the life of the thermal transfer printer's print head or cause unclear printing.   5. Regularly check the position of the print head bearing pad (roller).   6. If the printer needs to be disassembled, you must pay attention to the print head not to touch hard materials, so as not to cause damage to the print head.   7. When you need to replace parts, be sure to remember to turn off the power of the printer.   8. Remove the ribbon cassette and be careful not to hit the shaft on the ribbon cassette.   9. Use matching ribbon consumables to avoid damage to the print head.
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