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Matters needing attention when operating the printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-05
With the progress and development of society, the use of coding and marking equipment such as cij printers in everyday life is not new. The inkjet printer is a device that is controlled by software and uses non-touch methods to mark products. So, what matters should be paid attention to during the use of the printer? 1. The inkjet printer is sensitive to static electricity. If there is static electricity on the inkjet printer body, the equipment should be effectively grounded. 2. When operating the circuit or the print head, be sure to cut off the main power supply of the printer first. 3. Each pipe interface of the ink supply system must be guaranteed not to leak. Check whether the ink supply of the ink cartridge is normal, and ensure that there is no air leakage at the ink supply tube interface of the nozzle, and there are no bubbles in the ink in the ink supply tube, otherwise insufficient ink supply will occur. 4. If the inking speed is found to be slow, the filter must be checked or replaced. 5. The ink should be supplied before the nozzle is powered on, because ink is the main way to take away the heat of the nozzle. 6. The ink flow between the nozzle and the auxiliary ink cartridge is realized by the physical siphon principle, so there must be a strict height difference between the two. Specifically, the nozzle surface is 1 higher than the liquid level of the auxiliary ink cartridge. ~5 centimeters. 7. The internal circuit system of the inkjet printer has a tight structure. The cij printer manufacturer recommends that if you do not have professional technical capabilities, do not disassemble it without permission. 8. When cleaning the nozzle with a manual air pump, after lifting the air pump button, press the button slowly. Do not press the button quickly with force. The above is the key points of the inkjet printer used by inkjet printer manufacturers in this issue. If you have anything else you want to know, please go to the inkjet printer official website: http:///leave a message and tell the editor
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