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Matters needing attention when using non-standard automatic laser marking machine:

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-25

With the continuous development of electronic technology, laser and computer technology are organically combined, and users can achieve laser marking output as long as they program on the computer. It can also make clear marks on several materials or irregular surfaces at the same time, with the unique effect of 'one dozen double marks' or 'sewing marksThe laser can form an extremely thin beam, and the Z-thin line width on the surface of the material can reach 0.1 mm, creating a broad space for precision machining and anti-counterfeiting. Not only can complex text, graphics, images, light-transmitting buttons, trademark designs, barcodes, QR codes, product serial numbers, autographs, etc. be printed, but any graphics and text displayed on the screen can be immediately printed on the surface of the specified material. . Laser marking can also improve the appearance and brand effect of the product, and enhance the market competitiveness of the product. The laser marking machine has the function of marking random codes or anti-counterfeiting codes, and can also make each bottle of wine or each small wine bottle cap have a separate code, which can be directly identified, fast and easy, and can also print information such as price and promotion. It is printed on the packaging box of wine, which can effectively control the sales price of wine and prevent market fluctuations. High-quality laser marking machines can also print various unmodifiable graphics, text, numbers and other information at high speed and clearly on packaging of various materials (such as wine bottles, bottle caps, etc.); printing on products or outer packaging Special marks (graphics, characters, codes), or special functions of laser marking, can effectively prevent the circulation, cross-regional sales and smuggling of counterfeit and counterfeit products; print serial numbers, barcodes, destination, etc. on product packaging and carton packaging At the same time, it is connected to the database system, and it can also realize the tracking of the flow and the inquiry and tracking of the dealer's cross-regional sales, which is beneficial to protect the legitimate interests of the manufacturers. At that time, with the development, the standard machine could not meet the needs of the enterprise, and the automatic laser marking machine appeared, that is, the non-standard automatic laser marking machine.

The following points should be paid attention to when using non-standard automatic laser marking machine:

①Do not Change the protection circuit of the machine and disassemble the main parts of the laser at will;

②The laser marking machine is not allowed to run without material directly; Or other abnormal events, because the power is turned off immediately for inspection;

⑤The output end of the machine cannot be empty;

⑥Always pay attention to adding lubricating oil and water.

⑦Keep the working environment clean and tidy.

⑧Pay attention to keep the lens clean.

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