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Metal laser laser engraving machine can on the iron pipe design text, etc

by:LEAD TECH      2020-06-30
As is known to all, many metal products, such as iron box, iron pipe, plate, etc. , will be carved some qr code, characters, such as code, serial number to mark the company's trademark or fake, so as to enhance brand awareness and product aesthetic feeling. In the past, the logo is by stamping, screen printing or inkjet code completion. When using these processing methods, therefore, there will be a disadvantage, just can't keep for a long time, mark will the color fade after a period of time. Metal laser laser engraving machine is widely used in copper products, iron products, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, hardware products and other metal products, not only can be engraved on the flat surface some text, design, symbol, trademark, two-dimensional code, name, wishes, photos, etc. , and can be processed in the title mentioned iron pipe, etc. Iron pipe is not a simple easy score plane, how to make a laser engraving? Currently, rotating laser marker is on the circular arc workpiece, such as the tag design on the iron pipe, laser space control and time control is very good, the processing object of material, shape, size and processing conditions of degrees of freedom are very big, can produce good mark on the surface of some special effects. Laser marking machine workbench and vibration lens can't move, also cannot use program control, therefore, there is no other device to help, will not be able to hit the targets on the surface. ” If you want to mark on the surface, you can use a rotary fixture, which is can be automatically rotate with laser engraving machine fixture products. Using rotary fixture, laser engraving machine is equal to the marks on the plane, the surface has & quot; Change & quot; Into a plane. This method operation is simple, according to the customer's products can also make different rotating fixture, marking iron pipe is very effective. Metal laser laser engraving machine can be marked on any regular or irregular shape, sculpture after won't produce internal stress of workpiece, it not only ensures the original precision of workpiece, and anti-corrosion surface, do not wear, toxic and pollution. High precision carving, laser engraving machine carving record clear, durable and beautiful. Metal laser laser engraving machine for material has extensive adaptability and can do it on the surface of all kinds of metal materials is very fine, and have good durability; Basically includes all of the metal material, this extensive versatility will make more suitable laser engraving machine, it is very important for products of security.
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