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Metal laser welding machine how many money?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-28
Metal laser welding machine is a commonly used laser equipment, is also one of the laser equipment produced by our company. Laser welding machine is a non-contact way, the use of high energy density of laser fusion materials; Metal laser welding machine has the welding speed, high intensity, narrow weld heat affected zone is small; Metal laser welding machine work, the workpiece deformation is small, the characteristics of the metal laser welding machine is, subsequent processing less workload, high flexibility, accurate positioning, etc. Metal laser welding machine can be used in mass production automation of micro and small compound of workpiece, and the opposite sex material welding, the welding effect is good and other advantages. Metal laser welding machine how many money? Laser welding machine prices ranging from tens of thousands to millions, laser welding machine configuration is different, the price of the laser welding machine is different also, the need to see how quality, pricing, such as different manufacturer. We suggest that the best know own needs after the door to on-the-spot investigation of its knowledge, choose the most satisfied with the laser welding machine. Metal laser welding machine how many money? Please inquire directly.
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