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Metal nameplate laser marking pause?

by:LEAD TECH      2020-06-19
Laser marking machine has been widely used in our country, only big companies can afford to buy expensive from 20 years ago, to any small and medium-sized enterprises can afford now, can be seen from it is also, in addition to the price is very reasonable, the technology already quite mature. Here we analyse, metal nameplate laser marking which one to pause. On the metal nameplate code process, is also very common. For metal marking can choose my company production of optical fiber laser marking machine, or MOPA optical fiber laser marking machine, all of these can be used as a metal nameplate laser marking machine to use. Laser metal nameplate laser marking machine has the marking speed, metal nameplate laser marking machine marking process can be finished in a few seconds. Laser marking to ensure the precision of the case, does not damage the workpiece. Metal nameplate laser marking machine of permanent existence, so use in the aspect of brand security is also very good. But it is important to note that the metal plaque may be optical fiber laser marking machine laser marking machine, can also be MOPA laser marking machine, the price of the two are not the same, MOPA types of metal nameplate laser marking machine price is a little bit expensive, and optical fiber type metal nameplate laser marking machine price more in line with the public choice.
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