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Method of engraving glass products by laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-04

The laser marking machine is a non-contact fine processing instrument. The laser can form a very fine beam, which has the advantages of short processing time and fine marking lines. It can achieve fine marking on glass materials. , Any complex text, graphics, images, trademarks, LOGO, barcodes, QR codes, production batch numbers, autographs, etc., can be completed by laser marking machine.

With the development of the economy and the progress of science, the glass industry is also making continuous progress. While developing new varieties, it also strengthens the original glass types. Various types of deep-processed glass gradually replace ordinary flat glass and shine in their respective application fields. Glass is a light-transmitting material. For a long time, it has been difficult for lasers to make clear and beautiful patterns and logos on glass. Laser uses a new way to thermally melt pigments into automotive glass through the thermal effect of the laser, resulting in a color change in the laser-marked area without damaging the glass surface, resulting in a durable, indelible, clear and beautiful appearance mark effect. Today, the laser editor will lead you to understand: the method of using laser marking machine to engrave glass products.

Recommended models: laser UV laser marking machine and co2 laser marking machine

1. Multiple laser marking method adopts one laser marking The machine engraves marks with obvious outlines on the surface of the glass. After a few days, the laser expands to the area near the original mark to form fragments, and then uses multiple markings to make the area adjacent to the marked area heated by heat conduction, so that these areas form a stress gradient. , thereby reducing the possibility of secondary cracking, this method is very effective in marking soda lime glass and borosilicate glass. Small glass bottles containing liquid medicines and glass cups in life can be marked with this method.

2. The method of generating crack-like surface cracks adopts the process of heating and cooling to change the affected glass surface , this method is not immediately visible, but only after a little pressurization begins to generate pavilion cracks along the laser marked area. This method prints clear marks on high-quality automotive glass, which requires pure-to-surface.

3. The discrete point forming annular crack method utilizes a series of annular cracks to form characters, barcodes, square or rectangular codes and other shape code patterns. The use of this method generally uses co2 laser marking machines more, and the co2 laser marking machine sets a parameter for marking and Leadtech Coding on the glass, resulting in fewer cracks. Discrete points appear to form annular cracks. Glass develops low-density annular cracks through heating and cooling cycles. When the glass is heated, it expands and squeezes the surrounding material. When the temperature rises to the softening point of the glass, the glass rapidly expands to form a dome of low-density material that protrudes from the glass surface.

Laser marking machine for glass marking is used for fine marking, fine cutting and micro processing of special materials, mainly used for various glass, LCD screens, textiles, thin ceramics, semiconductor silicon wafers , IC grain, sapphire, polymer film and other materials marking and surface treatment, the laser beam quality is superior, bringing users a near-perfect marking effect. Address: No. 107, Yanyang Road, Chengyang District (East Gate of Agricultural University) Tel: 18663960188 17660995317 WeChat same number.

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