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Micro-character inkjet printer applies food-grade ink in egg industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-04

Today, when food safety problems are constantly being exposed, people have a crisis of confidence in food. Everyone's attitude towards food is more inclined to health. Even for small product packaging labels, everyone is striving to meet their requirements. Perfect.

As an indispensable part of product packaging, it is the focus of people's discussion. In response to the social environment brought about by the crisis of mistrust, the manufacturer considers the entire production process and the first consideration is the issue of safety. The safety of cij printer ink has become a key consideration, and food-grade inks have emerged as the times require.

Food-grade inks include inks that are in direct contact with food, as well as inks used on surfaces that are not in direct contact with food. Therefore, if the quality of the ink used in direct contact with food cannot reach the edible standard, it will cause serious harm to the human body and easily induce related diseases. Traditional micro-character cij printers usually use industrial dye-based inks. In practical applications, if industrial inks cannot be completely avoided in the food production process, the dye-based inks will have the opportunity to affect the quality of products. , thereby further affecting everyone's health. In view of the practical application of small character inkjet printers and the particularity of the food industry, Oulance cij printer manufacturers provide edible inkjet printer inks for food enterprise users, pay attention, it is real edible ink. This series of ink has the characteristics of high adhesion, anti-migration, clear imprint, water resistance and oil resistance.

The machine used for edible ink has the characteristics of good breakpoint, safe raw materials and environmental protection. It is an inkjet printer ink that truly meets the relevant standards of Chinese food additives. This series of inks can be printed on the surface of eggs, fruits, vegetables, candies, biscuits, ice cream sticks, wooden forks and spoons, and red wine stoppers to achieve exquisite and clear product identification.

It is worth noting that special solvents must be used to use this series of inks, and the inks should be mixed well before use. After opening, the inks should be sealed in plastic buckets, and iron buckets should not be used. In addition, don't forget to clean the equipment before using it again to prevent the mixing of different systems of ink from affecting the safety of the substrate.

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