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Minimalism custom clothing, let you off from, new clothes - custom

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-14
The buds of minimalism is that Japanese zen, extreme cuts became now young people praise highly of design aesthetics. Since be minimalist, then final rendering is & other Concise & throughout; The word. From font ways, try to keep the alignment design, avoid visual clutter. Set the importance content and align the font according to the grid, as far as possible keep legibility. From the aspects of color, to play the monochrome, but occasionally to join other colour can help to highlight the design emphasis, or emphasize a particular element. To sum up, as far as possible from broken, reduce a color or an image. To often think of some way to & other; Enrichment & throughout; Element, reduce to no longer, would be left by the essential elements. Textile printing machine a print, can easily put their own logo printed on the fleece, whether it is monochrome logo of text, or graduation, special custom design, gradients, and so on all is not a problem. Not only do not need to plate a film, but pattern is clear and bright colors, machine wash wash all not afraid, can wear, wear, when pajamas party! Don't to buy textile printing, comply with the requirements of environmental protection, small white is no problem, you are in the home can use simple ultra simple dress custom laser printing machine.
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