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MOPA laser marking machine makes color effect on stainless steel surface

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-18

The application of domestic laser marking machines has developed from a high speed to a stage of stable development so far, and it is also widely used in domestic applications. At this time, in order to seek new growth points for enterprise business expansion. In the expansion of the stainless steel marking field, a new process of stainless steel color marking has appeared, that is to say, the MOPA color laser marking machine (which can make color on stainless steel and black on alumina, cannot be achieved by ordinary laser marking machines). ). Created another era of laser marking.

Unlike ink deposition techniques and those that apply colored powders or films, more advanced lasers enable the typical physical effect of changing the color of plastics with polymerization. It is related to the thermal decomposition reaction of the body in the oxygen environment. In contrast, various colors can be produced on the surface of metal raw materials. The principle of stainless steel color development, there are three color development methods:

One is to generate colored oxides; A very thin layer of colorless and transparent oxide film is formed, and the oxide film has an interference effect, which can show color on the surface; .

The corresponding relationship between the color change and the laser energy in the laser color marking of stainless steel, the laser thermal effect generated by the stainless steel surface under the action of the laser.

Through the laser thermal effect, it is concluded that the laser energy fluorescence density is proportional to the film thickness. As the laser energy increases, the color of the stainless steel watch changes in the following color sequence: orange-red-purple-blue-green-blue-blue-green-green-yellow-green-yellow-purple-red.

Can edit all kinds of text patterns at will, very convenient and easy to operate: absolutely environmental protection, no pollution; fast marking speed, for the stainless steel product industry, the application of color laser marking can add the color of the marking graphics, It can greatly enhance the added value of stainless steel products and enhance the international competitiveness of domestic stainless steel products.

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