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Mouse and keyboard laser marking machine, laser carving machine - Marking effect will never fall off

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-20
Logo on the mouse and keyboard, and the characters and icon on the keyboard button, the traditional marking method is ink printing technology, although it can also be marked, but the keyboard and mouse in our daily life and work with very frequent. Time grows, can appear fade, become angry phenomenon. The color of the Numbers and letters on the keyboard will slowly fade, thus affecting the use of the keyboard and mouse and beautiful. With the keyboard typing for a long time will become black and black, which brought a lot of trouble to everyone. Ink printing costs are relatively high, at the same time, also caused the pollution to the environment in order to solve these problems, businesses choose to use ultraviolet laser marking machine was carried out on the keyboard and mouse. UV laser marking machine can score quickly on the mouse and keyboard trademarks, characters, Numbers, QR code, serial number, coding, anti-counterfeiting code, etc. , and number of characters engraved designs have the effect of long time do not fade, can prevent wear, zero consumables pollution-free, so widely used by enterprises. UV laser marking technology in the application of mouse and keyboard are just a drop in the bucket, QR codes in the LCD glass, glass surface drilling, metal surface finishing, electronics, gifts, communications equipment, building materials product applications has its shadow, in the future it will be more and more widely in all around us, bring more surprise to life.
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